Family Homelessness

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Joy's of Fundraising

The basic issue that comes up every time you look around the corner -- any corner -- is how much will it cost??  Well, let me just say, a pretty penny!  Life is EXPENSIVE!  So, we try to find ways to earn money.  In this Outreach we ask for donations, we ask for businesses to help us by donating percentages back to us, we hold events, we guilt our family and friends (yes, YOU!) but really, its a daily task.  How do we get more money.  This time of year especially.  There are Prom's at the High School's and graduation is coming!  These are such wonderful memories of high school that no child should miss.  So -- we head out to fundraise.  Do you know how expensive fundraising can be??  Well, I am finding out the hard way.  It's not cheap to print brochures and flyers.  I am learning as I go.  I am equipped with a generous heart and a desire to help those in need.  I think that this armor will protect me and take me far.  And I hope, with all my heart, that we find success.  in the form of cash (insert winky emoji)!
Well -- here it goes…what's a blog?  I am always a little behind the times on figuring out this stuff.  I am not the most tech savvy individual.  Or the best writer.  But I DO have heart.  And that's what I have to share here.  I may not get my punctuation right.  I may actually add words to the existing English language -- but I know that I can share from my heart about our Outreach.  Hopefully, by doing this, we can all help families, and mostly kid, get through a very important time in their lives.  I have know MJ for several years.  We have both been involved in PTA with our kids schools.  MJ is much more involved then I have been.  She is an inspiration.  I have always felt the desire to help those less fortunate then I am.  I have struggled in my life, I have worked hard, and I now feel that I can offer my time to help others.  I struggle with my inability to "save the world", I guess I am a bit of an overachiever.  I have a generous spirit.  I want to help.  I want to spread joy.  I want to see smiles.  I feel that education and information are keys to succeeding.  My goal for HEART in Hand Outreach today is to spread the word.  I want to get into all of the schools.  I want to talk to counselors and teachers.  I want to hang out with students.  I want to empower PTA's to help us help the kids we see every day!  Kids are the future.  Period.  They have to know that regardless of their situation now -- that they can become anything they want.  They need to feel empowered to become what they dream of.  They need to learn that they are the one thing that they can count on every day -- they themselves are worthy and wonderful.  That the community may not be able to cure all of their ill's but that we care and that we can help make things a bit better.  This is my personal vision for HEART in Hand.  one step, one day, one smile at a time...

Friday, February 28, 2014

I received MJ's invitation to Blog and the question, "Why me?" popped into my head along with the heart palpatations, light headedness and distress that goes along with an anxiety attack! Me? A Blogger? My anxiety of writing goes back to High School when my English Teacher called me to her desk and in front of the entire class praised a thematic book report I wrote and loudly proclaimed that she didn't believe I wrote it. If I remember right, her exact words were, "This is an excellent report, you couldn't have wriiten this!" Despite my anxieties over writing (and, I must add, public speaking) I will do my best to become a Blogger that will keep you informed, give you a new way to look at things and give you opportunities to help others.

We Believe...Smile On!


It's a New Era - We have a TEAM!

It has been awhile since I've posted an update, yet HEART In Hand has still been helping students and families in need in the Spokane Valley. Because donations and fundraising have been down, we now have a TEAM of people that are behind this important endeavor to help those most in need in the Valley. They will be posting and updating on here as well. They are: Elizabeth Mallinen & Leslie Camden-Goold. These beautiful women share the same passion about this work and mission, and along with your help, will help to meet more needs this year. So keep tuned! We hope to be posting more frequently with more information on how we are helping those in need and how you can help. Blessings!