Family Homelessness

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Joy's of Fundraising

The basic issue that comes up every time you look around the corner -- any corner -- is how much will it cost??  Well, let me just say, a pretty penny!  Life is EXPENSIVE!  So, we try to find ways to earn money.  In this Outreach we ask for donations, we ask for businesses to help us by donating percentages back to us, we hold events, we guilt our family and friends (yes, YOU!) but really, its a daily task.  How do we get more money.  This time of year especially.  There are Prom's at the High School's and graduation is coming!  These are such wonderful memories of high school that no child should miss.  So -- we head out to fundraise.  Do you know how expensive fundraising can be??  Well, I am finding out the hard way.  It's not cheap to print brochures and flyers.  I am learning as I go.  I am equipped with a generous heart and a desire to help those in need.  I think that this armor will protect me and take me far.  And I hope, with all my heart, that we find success.  in the form of cash (insert winky emoji)!

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