Family Homelessness

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a Community Can Do - TOGETHER!

This is just an update from the needs that were sent out about the “O” Family last week:


What a Blessing!

• I’d like to thank a certain Redeemer Lutheran mom’s group for their generous donations & a few other private donors for their caring donations for this family!
• A private donor donated propane on Friday – enough to last them for 15 days – which helps w/ cooking and hot water for showers & cleaning!
• We paid their lot rent on Monday, to ensure they would continue having shelter, heat, and a place to stay.
• Today I will be going with them to pay their storage up-to-date so that they will be able to access their belongings, and not lose their things to auction!
• Through Redeemer Lutheran, we were also able to secure a storage place at no cost for the “O” Family’s things. So we plan on moving their things this Sunday after church – any able & strong bodies that would like to help, please contact me! This will keep the storage fees from continuing to accrue monthly!
• What an amazing blessing our community has been for this family!!!! They are so encouraged!!!! Thank you for your continued prayers and care for this family. There are still needs that are needed, as you can check below – but what amazing things a community, coming together can do!!!!
• On behalf of the ENTIRE “O” Family – THANK YOU!!!!

TOGETHER, We ARE Making A Difference!

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