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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is needed Now?

The thanks I've received from this family have been great! They are 'overwhelmed' with the generosity and care of our community! They are so very thankful and have asked me to please share their thanks with everyone!

So what is needed now?
  • As temperatures drop, propane is needed to help heat their RV and to cook with. Last time it cost $80 to fill 2-5 gallon tanks and 1 25-gallon tank. They have an additional tank that was given to them. Again if you could donate even $20 - we'd only need 5 people to be able to fill all the tanks that should last them about a month.
  • Consider how you might be able to bless this family for Thanksgiving. However, there's not really means for them to cook a large turkey since they are in a RV. Maybe you'd have some ideas?
  • Other families/students are also in need, so you will see an updated list on the left hand side of this blog. Right now we need wrestling shoes for a teen. I will get more information ASAP.
I thank you in advance for your concerns, your prayers for these families and students in need, and your networking capabilities. This will be the best way I know how (at the moment :) ) to keep an interactive updated list. Again, feel free to share this blog!

One other great thing that I want to share quickly is what a local church is doing to help meet the needs of kiddos & families in our District.
  • This HEART in Hand Outreach has facilitated a partnering of our Faith Based Communities with local schools to help facilitate the meeting of the these needs that are present in the families of our schools. One of our local churches (ONE*) will be delivering at least 40 “Thanksgiving Meals in a Bag” on Monday to Barker High School, which will include a frozen turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rolls, pie and even instructions and leftover recipes. These meals will be given to teens determined by the school administration that represent some of these families in need. This church has also decided to help fund Barker High School’s Annual Thanksgiving Celebration, where the school provides a great feast for all the students and staff. This year this celebration includes a “Community Give-Back” program where Barker High Students will be making gifts and crafts to give back to local organizations and communities, like Candlelighters, a local Retirement Home, Progress & Broadway Elementary Schools, Meals on Wheels, Kiwanis, and Barker families.

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